Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Product Alert - Organic Crib Mattresses

Most mattresses are made of PVC, polyester, foam. They are then doused with flame-retardant chemicals and PBDE's. These chemicals have been banned by the state of California and this ban was emplemented in 2008. There are legitimate reasons for this ban. We at understand that you would not want your infant sleeping on these chemicals. You can buy organic and guarantee that your baby will not be exposed to chemicals that have been proven to reduce breathing and are implicated in SIDS. Your baby spends many, many hours sleeping on their crib mattress...breathing the chemicals that escape from all PVCs and Foam products. To research further just go online and search for PBDE's.
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As always, orders over $100 ship free, so these can be delivered to your door with no shipping charges.

Monday, March 2, 2009

New Product Announcement - Digital Pregnancy Scrapbook

We are very pleased to announce that we have just added an incredible new product to our line. This Digital Pregnancy Scrapbook Capsule is an innovative product that allows a couple to capture the "Journey2Baby" pregnancy in photos, video, music, journals, and more. This amazing software is loaded on a 4GB designer flash drive that works on all PC based computers. Because it is USB based and the software does not have to be dowloaded, it eliminates restrictions of working on one computer. You can use it on any computer that is Windows based.

This "No download" software gives you more freedom and time to capture the things you want to remember when they come to mind.

Check out this wonderful new product at "Digital Pregnancy Scrapbook" in our online store,