Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shopping Cart Covers - Suddenly hot items!

In the last 2-3 weeks we have seen a major increase in the number of orders for Shopping cart and high chair covers. We are not sure if the current flu scare has parents more concerned about protecting their babies and toddlers from potential germs that may be on public carts and seats or if our site has just been discovered as a great source for shopping cart covers...either way, we are glad to see it. When our little boy was smaller, we used one consistently....not just for the protection from germs, but also because it softened his surroundings, keeping the sharp edges and pinch-points out of the way.

If you are considering a cover, be sure to buy one that can be used for both shopping carts and commerical high chairs that are in most restaurants. There is no need to purchase two covers when one good one will take care of all your needs. Check out the selection of functional and fashionable covers that we have at

Monday, May 18, 2009

Star Dance Faith Mini Backpack

Star Dance Faith Mini Backpack

This is a great backpack. We found it at and we have given a couple of them as graduation presents to some girls at churh....they love them. A lot of patterns to choose from, but a great way to show their faith. (via Quilted Classics)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Giving Back

Amy and I are the parents to one very active 6 yr old boy. We feel very, very blessed that he runs around the house generally creating havoc and having fun. For a two week span right before his birth, we were not sure that he would be walking or running at all. During a routine ultrasound, a spinal defect was detected and diagnosed as spina bifida. After a couple of very frantic and scary days, it was determined that his defect, although a problem, would not result in any brain damage as is the case many times with spina bifida. However, we were told to expect nerve damage and to be prepared for the reality that he might not be able to walk. Many, many prayers were said by us and a large number of people around the us (prayer grapevines reach long distances and have many branches). When Coley was born, it was obvious that he could move his legs and should be able to walk. After some spinal surgery at 5 months, and some physical therapy for a couple of years, Coley is about as normal as 6 yr olds get. We truly count ourselves among those who have been blessed by God.

We have decided to make a contribution of 10% of all our sales at to the Spina Bifida Association of America. This organization does a great job in the education of the general public about this birth defect. Our thanks to them and all those who volunteer in this wonderful organization.

Maternity Clothes

Due to many requests from customers and potential customers, we decided to add a few maternity lines to our offerings. While making the decision to branch out to this new area, we tried to make sure that the new lines were also "unique" in the sense that they would not be something that is on every site or in every store in every town. We found exactly what we were looking for with [BUMP] Maternity wear. This line features dresses, tees, tanks, and pants...all with wonderful style and a flair for fun. Check out this new line of Maternity wear here.
As always, all orders over $100 ship free.
Let us know what you think of the new offering!