Thursday, April 23, 2009

Top Baby Gifts of 2009

Well...the first quarter of 2009 is already in the books. It is hard to believe that the year is moving along so quickly. We just wanted to take a minute and relate some of the hottest trends that we have seen in our sales so far in 2009.

1. Our biggest sellers continue to be the themed / Funny onesies. We are very fortunate to be a vendor for Snugfits onesies and they use quality products, have great variety, and the prices are among the best in this type of market. The biggest sellers so far this year have been the "Dude" and "Toothless and Ruthless" patterns. We did give some friends of ours the "Grande Finale" pink/black onesie at a baby shower last week and it was the hit of the shower. They have a 14 yr old girl and a 10 yr old they hope that this new addition is truly the "grand finale"!
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2. The best selling new item has to be the Digital Pregnancy Scrapbook. This USB flash drive has preloaded software (PC only for now...sorry Mac users) that allows you to journal your pregnancy, capture photos, video, audio (it will be great to share what songs were popular in about 15 yrs!), and it is loaded with questionaires, polls, etc. We have been amazed at how popular these have been with our customers. Check them out...they are on sale till 4/30/09.

3. Always one of our more popular items are the shopping cart / high chair covers. We have a great selection of these and they truly do help protect your baby from so many germs and also from the hard/sharp edges on many shopping carts. We would not have left home without ours when our little boy was a baby. Makes a Great baby shower gift. View our selection.

Check back often as we are always adding more product lines to our store. We have just added the very popular Baby K'tan baby slings and within the next week, we will be adding Babylegs arm and leg warmers.

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